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Peerless Approach to Risk Assessment and Management

From extracting natural resources deep in the earth to the ships and rails that move them around the world, Applied Surety Underwriters recognizes and understands unique risks and how to manage them.

Applied Surety Bonds
Applied Surety Bonds

Experience matters. We partner with select surety producers with demonstrated success.

Who We Serve

We work with public and private companies, nonprofits, and municipalities, with specialized knowledge in heavy industry and energy.

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Metals / mining

  • Oil & gas

  • Transportation

  • Service contracting

  • Waste services

  • Energy / power

  • Technology / electronics

  • Healthcare / pharmaceutical

  • Chemical

“Other companies may rely on documents or superficial site visits to ascertain potential risks. Applied Surety Underwriters goes deeper, helping project owners, suppliers, contractors and service providers better understand how to protect themselves from risk.”

- Josh Betz

What We Offer

Contract Bonds

Outside of the construction industry, contract bonds may be needed by various service contractors, manufacturers and specialty contractors for agreements involving bid, supply and/or installation, performance, payment, fabrication, maintenance, or litigation.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Surety bonds can be useful in private relationships or businesses to assure or guarantee payment or performance of services.

License and Permit Bonds

States may require a surety bond as part of the permit or licensing process for businesses from automobile dealers to companies that power the world’s energy demands by extracting, processing or using renewables or other natural resources. Surety bonds also can guarantee the protection and restoration of the environment.

Your Commercial Surety Consultant

Technical Knowledge

Applied Surety’s team adds to its decades of underwriting experience a layer of engineering expertise to expand its technical knowledge for risk-aware surety solutions.


$50M single bond
$150M aggregate bond programs

Financial Rating

Applied Surety Underwriters is an affiliate of Applied Underwriters using carriers rated ‘A-’ (Excellent) by AM Best, Financial Category XI

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